I spent several hours last night putting together my pages for the mail themed Travelling Journal. When I went to buy the journal I wandered around in Borders for about an hour going backward and forward between three different journals I came across. I found a travel diary that had a cover with stamps and postmarks all over it, which I thought was perfect and appropriate, but the pages were lined and it was really thick and heavy. I also tossed up between buying a two-pack of bright green Moleskines but decided $25 was too much and so I ended up buying this gorgeous little understated, craft paper paged book by Paperchase for $10. I'm sending it out tomorrow to the Phillippines to its next recipient. I'm sad to have it leave my hands, but I'm sure each person along the way will add something amazing to it. Here are some of my pages. My scanner hates life, so I apologise for the quality. If you'd like to see larger, more detailed versions go to my mail art Flickr :);

^The front and back covers.

^ The inner cover and the first page, the envelope (which is actually silver doesn't look smudged like that in real life) contains the 'rules' of the journal.

^ My first two mail collage pages.

^ My second two mail collage pages, the first contains a list of some facts about mail, if you can't read my tiny little writing go here for the larger image.

C is making me a mail-themed mix cd to pop in the back sleeve of the journal. I'll post the tracklisting here later to show you. There are so many songs written about mail and letters and things, it was hard to make a shortlist.

Of course, if you're interested there are two still spaces to join up, so you're very welcome to join, and If those spaces fill up you're welcome to email me and I'll open another space for you.

I couldn't help myself but post this here. MmmVelopes; Bacon flavoured envelopes... who would've thought... I'm a vegetarian, though they do have a kosher verification (via Incredible Things);

There are still two days left to sign up to Missive Maven's cat postcard swap. I've been saving some cat postcards especially for the occasion.

I think this stamp is pretty sweet and the note cards are dreamy. Both from Hygge & West Holiday;

I've smothered my desk entirely with bits and pieces for the journal and I should probably spend the rest of my night cleaning it all up! :(

Also, I think you should definitely go to Sylvia's blog and tell her how lovely her new glasses look!