^ Contrary Mary.

To anyone from the UK I imagine you might be familiar with Harriet Russell. I've only just come across her, and as I can gather she basically sent a whole lot of envelopes and postcards through the Royal Mail with the addresses of these missives written in ways that the postal workers would have to decipher, of course not all of them reached their destinations. She also released a book full of these postcards. Here are some of my favourites;

Today C and I are going out to the mall for a browse. I'm going to Borders to see if I can find an appropriate journal for the travelling journal, C is probably going to come home with a handful of things from JB Hi-Fi.

I also wanted to point out how to sign up to the travelling journal mentioned yesterday, as I've had a few emails of people asking me how -
- Go to the journal page (link)
- You'll need to become a member if you haven't already
- On the right hand side of my journal page there is a link that says 'Get In Line'
- Then you just need to email me your postal address to teacup_teacup[at] and you're in! Yay!

I am quite in love with the wares of the Etsy store Chupchik. Look at these;

And I'd really like to get my hands on the Wonderful World of Fashion colouring book by Nina Chakrabarti;

Also in my want want wanting I am very smitten by these satchels by Cambridge Satchel, I think the purple is the one for me. I'm pretty sure the UK price equates to about an AU $115, so I can only dream about it for the moment;