I have been quite fascinated by the 1001 Journals Project lately. I have joined up to receive a few of these travelling journals and thought it would be fun to start one up with a 'mail' theme and see if you'd like to play :) Basically you fill in one two-page spread with anything you like within the theme of 'mail'. I've given it an open sign up list and up to 11 people can join at the moment, though I can increase the number if more people are interested. I'd love it if you'd like to participate :) Of course, by signing up you commit to filling in your two pages when the journal comes to you and sending it on to the next participant when you're finished. Postage shouldn't be enormous as the book isn't very heavy, though it will get slightly heavier as each person adds to it.

Within this theme you could choose to use some of the following: postage stamps, airmail stickers, envelopes, writing paper, drawings, rubber stamps, handwriting, typewriters, date stamps, stickers, old letters, etc.

Here is the link to the journal.
Eeeee! I'm quite excited :)