^ martello brasile

The last few days I've been planning out our trip away (we go away on Sunday and won't be back until the 17th of December - I am fretting about all the mail I'll have to wait to read!) and reorganising going back to uni next year, as a full time day student. I'm still in my Bachelor of Arts degree, but I've chosen subjects all from Visual Communication Design, and once I've completed some of the subjects hopefully that will make it easier to transfer degrees. I am a little bit excited, though not so excited about the three really early mornings I've worked out on my timetable so far. Why put lectures on really early in the morning? Surely there would be a larger turn out and more people paying attention if they were slightly later?

Here's some lovely mail I received today from the lovely miss Lauren;

And just one outgoing, a kind of blue collage I made;

Now, please allow me to post a gratuitous wishlist;

Fluevog Bellevues, DREAM SHOOOOOOES, $359.

Present and Correct, Old Domino Stamps £3.75

Anthropologie Brigadier skirt, $78

16 Sparrows Paddingken stationery, $12

Frankie calendar, $30

Tiny bazaar happy mail clear stamp collection, $22

Anything from Paper Valise

BoutiqueRuby (a ridiculously priced helmet for my imaginary Vespa).