^ I love this, but I have no idea where it came from.

I spent the majority of today wincing in pain. Over the past few years I have had a recurring cyst on my tail bone which tends to flare up at inopportune times, especially in Summer. Sitting, standing and lying down are some of the things that are made very difficult by this condition. Uncomfortable, painful and gross are words that accurately describe the ailment. I went to my doctor and of course I had to pull up my dress and have her poke and prod me from behind before she'd hand over the painkillers and antibiotics. The painkillers made me go pretty woozy. I had a lot of trouble forming sentences and it felt like my tongue wouldn't fit in my mouth and I occupied myself by decorating envelopes with psychedelic patterns for a few hours. C bought me our favourite pizza for dinner and upon eating two slices I felt disturbingly ill and retreated to my bed. The trouble with those really heavy painkillers is that when they wear off they leave you with a headache and create a need for themselves. Anyhow, for the time being I'm just going to endue the tear-inducing pain and sit on my sore, sore tailbone. Tomorrow I'm going to try to hobble my way to Bird In The Hand distro to pick up some zines to take with me to Tasmania and buy a new pen (I go through a pen a week).

C was quite jealous of my mail haul today. A gorgeous little Halloween themed package arrived from a girl called Wendy from Ohio. The very batty card reminded me a little of Missive Maven. It actually has a hologram on it, but my scanner had a bit of fun with it. She also sent me a whole bunch of cute Halloween stickers that I couldn't get a scan of. If Australia won't celebrate Halloween I'll just have to infiltrate through the post by sticking Halloween everywhere;

Plus a sweet little package from the lovely miss Julie, which contained a great letter, some sweet post cards I've already used up and the 'Woman In Black' letter set from her Etsy that I won in the giveaway she held at her blog, We've Got Paper. I've already written a letter on it today, and the paper is great to write on, soaks up ink well and I had lots of fun decorating the black envelope. Ps. You should probably send Julie a birthday card;

And a cute postcard from a lady named Anu in Santa Fe. It gave me deja vu when I saw it, though I have no idea why;

I only have two more mail-receiving days before I go to Tasmania :( Of course, I will be taking my computer on holidays and will thankfully have internet access, though we'll be keeping busy and seeing the sights. I am so grateful to be getting away from this heat. When we return on the we'll be staying in Sydney for a few days before seeing my favourite band Why? at the Annandale on the 16th of December. C often talks about when you want something but you don't think you can afford it or obtain it, that you 'send the idea out into the universe' and wait to receive it. Of course, being the sceptic that I am I did no such thing, but a lovely lady named Jade bought me two tickets out of the blue and I am ever so grateful and excited :)

C brought me home 8 stamps today and I'd used them all up within a minute. This is one of my outgoing today - I took part in a Tumblr Secret Santa, and I sent my recipient a mix cd, letter and some postcards. Hope she likes;

Hope you're having a lovely Wednesday.