^ Unknown. Ps. I don't really feel this way.

Being ill is so all encompassing. I want to be getting ready for our trip and cleaning the house, but all I can seem to manage is hobbling from one room to the next, knocking myself out with painkillers, sleeping for hours and barely being able to sit, lie or stand without a great deal of pain. Needless to say when I'm sick I'm a very vocal, complaining person. C seems to be enjoying being my nurse, holding back my hair when I need to throw up, making me food, cleaning up, etc (he does all of those things regardless). My mum and her boyfriend came over this evening and we ordered pizzas and ate them in the park and wandered around, it felt good to get out in fresh air.

Tomorrow if illness subsides I'm going to Bird In The Hand's zine making day - I got some awesome zines from there a few days ago. One in particular I really liked, called 'Statistical Analysis Of The Things That Happen But Don't Matter And Everything Else', is full of all different types of graphs measuring mundane things;

Zines I picked up;
Statistical Analysis Of The Things That Happen But Don't Matter by Sarah McNeil

By The Time You're Twenty Five by Flying Machine
Nuns I've Known by Prunella Vulgaris
The Second Side

Berlin By Bike Or and some mini zines by Maddy Phelan
Receiving lovely mail was some consolation from the sickliness, a letter with a great decorated envelope from Chandlerguera. I always enjoy her mail;

And one little outgoing;

And I saw these pillow cases on Sylvia's blog today and I adore them, the Australian dollar is meant to overtake the US dollar by a few cents next month so maybe I should lash out. I'd make C sleep on the queen side;

And I think I really want one of these strange ergonomic kneeling chairs. They look oddly comfortable and seem much better for your posture;