Seeing Is Believing


With the best mail always seems to come the worst mail. Two bills arrived today along with two letters and three postcards. At least if my internet gets cut off I will have more time for letter writing. The pile of letters needing replies is growing larger and larger.

Today's incoming mail;

^ A delightful letter from Belen I can't wait to reply to.

^ From the lovely Rokia.

^ Two gorgeous Postcrossing postcards, the first is Dutch, the second is Finnish.

^ And this rather gorgeous postcard from Wendy from Ohio. Thankyou Wendy! :)

My outgoing mail;

I'm spending today writing letters, making lots of phone calls, reading zines and trying to reapply for uni. I'm feeling like everything is out of my control at the moment and as a result I have this intense desire to clean my whole house, I guess that makes me feel in control of something.

I am rather in love with this Modcloth hoodie, and as the AU to US exchange rate isn't too bad a the moment I could get away with this beauty for about $50. Hmmm. Want to buy me this as a Christmas present mum? (I'm pretty sure she reads my blog but I'm not sure, haha);

I thought this postcard garland was rather fetching;

And I am amazed by the accuracy of these photographs by Alison Jackson using celebrity lookalikes. Seeing is believing;