Today I did C's homework for him. He signed up to a Swap-bot vegan/vegetarian recipe swap, but he had lots of actual homework to do, and as this swap is now two weeks overdue, I though I'd help get it done to avoid any nasty 1's! Haha. They're a bit scrappy, but they'll do. I had been sitting here since I got up making them and then realised that I hadn't had breakfast yet myself, it's 3pm.

Tomorrow I have an early start and I have to try to navigate my way to a wedding using only public transport! I still don't know what to wear and haven't practised the song with my old music teacher, but I'm sure it'll be okay. Eep!

C went to work last night and Manneh came over just after he left. We went for a walk to get pizza and while we were waiting we started browsing in a nearby bookshop that was still open and after a while a small lady walked up behind us, I thought she was going to ask if we needed any help but she asked us if we'd like a free glass of wine each. Puzzled, we accepted and then awkwardly stepped out after finishing our glasses, without buying any books. The pizza was glorious, then we came home, watched and listened to things, drank whiskey and Baileys and Manneh put himself to bed at 10 (!) and I waited for C to return home from work. A pleasant evening. Manneh is always enjoyable company.

Ps. I found out yesterday that I got back into uni (graphic design correspondence) which I am really excited about (I know I'll regret having said this a few weeks in).