Paris Is Burning

+ The lovely Ladyhawke.

I just gothome from seeing Ladyhawke with my friend Laura and her friend Amy. I caught the bus into town and before, during and afterward I just couldn't stop sneezing - by the time I caught up with Laura and Amy I looked so out of it, my eyes were all smudged and watery and wouldn't stay open. Beautiful I was. Once we got in we stood way too close to the speakers and stayed there for the duration of the evening and got blasted. It was the kind of bass so loud that your throat and your eyeballs vibrate, and the vibrations through my face only caused more of a sneezure. I should have count them, though I feel that it only encourages them. I estimate 40+ sneezes in the night. I find occasions like these most interesting not only for the musical delights, but for the people-watching. So many people so self conscious. So many women in way too high heels, falling over and spilling drinks. I saw about ten women fall over, and a few of them, if they saw that you'd seen them fall and you made eye contact with them, had to come over and tell you "The floor is so slippery tonight!" or "I'm sooooooo drunnnnnk". I loved it. I think I'm making this sound like I didn't have a good time, I actually really did. Ladyhawke herself (Pip Brown) was pretty gorgeous. She does this funny thing when she sings when she wants the sound to kind of warble, where she shakes her head from side to side. Very cute. The crowd loved her and it was packed out, and she seemed to be a bit embarrassed by it, saying "Thankyou" awkwardly after each song in her New Zealand tongue. So, I am now deafened. I have to get up early tomorrow and catch a bus, aaaaaaargh. I haven't practised and I always sing the words all backwards. I have no idea how I'm getting home! Wish me luck :P