The Two Paths

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This week I had four letters to write to four different Stephanies. Here are two letters I finished this morning;

It's 1pm and C is still asleep and our neighbours at the back seem to be having some sort of party. I've been eavesdropping, but the conversation has been very dull.

I'm starving and the cupboards and fridge are bare!

The wedding I attended yesterday was such a delight. My old drama teacher, Lou, asked me several months ago if I'd like to sing at her commitment ceremony and I was so honoured she let me. I got up ridiculously early, caught two buses there and sang my song while a pair of each of the bride's hiking boots (they're very outdoorsy) got passed around the crowd and you had to pull a pair of rainbow laces out of the boots that you gt to keep. Both of the brides were originally from South Africa, and a whole bunch of Mari's friends and family had flown over for the occasion and I loved hearing them speak Aficana. The food was marvellous, the company was lovely and at the end of the ceremony the two brides hopped into specially decorated kayaks that had kids blow-up toys hanging off the back and paddled away into the bay. An interesting exit. My old music teacher gave me a lift back home. I kind of wished I had stayed and partaken in more of the festivities, but I'm going to mail them a thank you card sometime next week. I had a ball.

C just got up and we're having an argument about him wanting to call one of our hypothetical future children 'Mountifort', as it is apparently a 'family name'. I'm vehemently against it. I did concede that the middle name of one of our hypothetical children could be Morrissey though.

Neither C or I are very Christmassy and apart from going to visit my parents on Christmas day, we probably won't be partaking in anything very Christmas-related, buuuuut... I couldn't resist this not-quite-Christmas-tree and I'm thinking of attempting my own version of it today on one of our walls;

+ (via design is mine)

I am in lust with this tote by Gemma Correll, her blog is lovely too;

This doll house made from a hollowed out tree trunk is awesome.

I found this amusing. I'm not sure where it came from originally (via make do and mend);

I hope you're having a lovely weekend. It's a nice overcast Sunday here today. I'm going to write more letters, watch the latest episodes of Dexter and The Vampire Diaries (I feel as though every time I say that I watch this show I have to write a disclaimer in brackets to make sure nobody thinks I usually watch this kind of thing, haha. It's my crappy tv indulgence) and make C go do our grocery shopping.