Suffer In Silence

^ So sad, from Learn Something Every Day.

Listening to: Three Wishes by The Pierces.
Eating: Peanut butter and honey sandwiches.
Drinking: Five fruits juice.

Don't you hate it when you're trying to remember something you found on the internet, but you didn't bookmark it, you have no key words you can Google, or they're too broad, and you have no idea how you came across it? Arghhh. I just want to plug my brain into the internet and make it find it. I can barely even describe it. I'm basically looking for a website I saw some time ago, wherein you download and print out a black and white template of a drawing and you fill it in and decorate the different sections, all I can remember is that on one particular sheet there was a section for what you'd been listening to lately and it had the shape of a tape cassette, and then you scanned it back in and submitted it to the website. That's not a very good description of it I'll admit. I can't even begin to think what I should Google to find it. It's driving me crazy, I have to find it now, I think I shall cry if I don't! Haha. Any clues? If you can find this phantom website I promise you a medium-sized reward in return!

^ Frank Chimero.

Today C took me to Office Works with the aim that he would "buy me a new pen", ha. I got two pens, three big yellow pads, printer ink, Frankie, post it notes shaped like speech bubbles, green staples and a new very pretty folder for containing my mail. I have filled it up with the received mail that was previously stored in drawers that I am now cleaning out for uni work, and it is already full. Hmpf. Tomorrow I'm going to visit my brother for the first time in several months (he lives about 2km from my house) and meet his month old baby. I'm nervous and excited.

Strangely, I have been getting an influx of cat-related postcards of late. Four have arrived in the past three days;

Speaking of cats, one of our cats, Mesca, has been quite sick lately and it sitting beside me, with her back to me looking very solemn. I'm feeling a bit the same way tonight.