Arm In Arm We Are The Harmless Sociopaths

(via you will never waste my time)

The past two days have consisted mostly of honey on bread, too many games of Facebook Scrabble with strangers, "Oh No" by Andrew Bird, catch up conversation, fish and chips, considering and reconsidering my own mortality, a game called "Plants Vs Zombies" (you need it), scratching my head, pizza, poking a baby and a toothache.

I met my newborn niece yesterday and she is the epitome of all things beautiful and perfect. Meeting her made me think a lot about life and death and humanity and the miracles and mundanities of life. I hope to visit her again soon. It was a delight spending the day with my brother and his wife and little Rose Alex Wade.

5 Bits:

Mark Jenkins (it's a sculpture);

Long Live Analogue / Collages by Chad Kouri;

Kate Doodles;

Alastair Levy - This reminds me of one time when I was a kid, my brother had come to stay for Christmas and he found a dirty shrivelled old carrot in the bottom of our fridge shaped perfectly like two legs and a penis and intended to send it through the post to a friend, but a few days later it was missing and we can only assume it was cooked and eaten.

Keri Smith - I'm fairly certain I love everything this woman has ever done.

My friend Jackson came over after C went off to work this afternoon and we sat out on the couch on my verandah and watched traffic, quite pleasant. Tomorrow I'm thinking about going to the zine library cataloguing session at the Octapod and then heading to the Cambridge later to see some of my best friends make mewsick, for their EP launch; Caleb Skips Chemistry.

A very lovely postcard arrived today from Rachel Greig. At first I wasn't sure if it was an envelope or a postcard as it's quite thick and textured. C said it's one of his favourite postcards I've received. I think it's gorgeous. I shall reply asap!;

I also received a lovely little note in a Suessy envelope from Madam Ilona;

I received this cute envelope from Singapore from a Swap-botter;

I thought I'd post some of my all time favourite stamps I have received on mail, both from Postcrossers, the former from Lithuania and the latter from Finland. I envy countries that offer such beautiful stamps, Australia seems to be so limited in it's varieties!;

And a very meagre outgoing today, a make-shift postcard I made out of a scrap of cardboard and unearthed my paints from their hiding places;

If you've emailed me lately requesting mail I will be getting right onto that over the weekend :) Of course, you're always welcome to write me and request mail. C laughed at me today when we were walking home from the shops and I saw an envelope on the footpath outside somebody's house that had been all trodden on and weather damaged and I made a whimpery sad noise at it.