Almost Home

^ via wish to peace.

Long time no blogs! C and I have a 3-hour train journey home from Sydney later today, and after painfully lugging my four bags through the streets of Redfern yesterday I'm really wishing I'd brought a whole lot less stuff. We got back to Sydney on Tuesday, leaving Launceston at 6am, and making a connecting flight from Melbourne to Sydney. I fell asleep on the second flight and woke up going 'Where the hell am I?' and realised I was 6000 metres above the ground. I am not enjoying having returned to sickly hot New South Wales weather. I miss you Launceston and I hope to return to you again soon. Last night my friend Paige, C and I went to the Annandale Hotel to see my favourite band, Why?, and they certainly delivered. We got there really early and could see Yoni, the lead singer, sitting in the bistro eating his dinner. C kept telling us we should go over and talk to him, but Paige and I couldn't think of what we'd say so we decided to just watch him. They were thoroughly enjoyable and totally surpassed my (already high) expectations. I am really looking forward to getting back to my bed, the cats, my mail and the mundanities of being home. During this holiday I have slept on some of the most uncomfortable beds ever.

Gorgeous hand-calligraphed envelope seals from K is for Calligraphy (via Letter Writers Alliance);

Postcups! You write your message on them with a special pen and then put it in the oven to seal it;

The Johnson Banks Post Office self sealing aerogramme letters, so cute!;

French foot long mallows, aaaamazing (via Incredible Things);


Amazing wall adornments from Da Da Da Studio;

Awhh, pleaaaaase... 12 Months of Colour Daily Planner;

Incredible desk sets from Elum Designs, expensive, but full of amazing things;

Yann Tiersen, one of my favourite musicians, playing on 6 iPhones (via swissmiss);

I have almost 900 items in my Google Reader waiting to be read when I get home, eep!