Red doors

^ link.

Obviously not much time to post of late, but as soon as I return to hot, hot Newcastle on Thursday, regular posts will resume. I just wanted to show you a cute little cupcakery we found today while we were rushing around the sprawling mall of sunny (then rainy, then sunny, then rainy) Hobart.

We got back from Hobart today where we camped, wandered around Port Arthur historical site for a day, drove around one of the most beautiful coast lines ever and stayed with our friend Mel's parents. When we get back to New South Wales on Tuesday we're staying in Sydney for a few days to see friends and watch my favourite band Why? perform at the Annandale Hotel (tickets very kindly donated to me by my friend Jade). I have about 600 items waiting for me in my Google Reader and I'm feeling totally out of sync with the internet world (which isn't all bad of course). Still considering a move to Tasmania, but also looking forward to getting back to my comfy bed and our cats and my mail!

Here's some outgoing mail I found a little bit of time to write this week;

^ A cow postcard I picked up at Ashgrove cheese farm; three postcards from a postcard book I picked up in Launceston this week called 'If You Don't Love Books, You're Going To Love This Book' by SomeEcards, some of the postcards actually make me laugh out loud; and my last little Tassie devil postcard sent to a very worthy recipient.

I'm currently watching an awful movie on SBS starring Billie Piper, using up all of the tissues in C's parents' house on my (always) runny nose and wishing the bed in the spare room would spontaneously become comfortable and not crippling!