Only two blogs in a week, how miserable! This update will probably be photo heavy and I will go on and on about how lovely Tasmania is.

Here's me with my friend again. This has basically been my uniform while I've been down here. The weather here allows for a lot of layers which I enjoy. Even on 'hot' days here you don't sweat and can wear a jacket and it's still comfortable. Lovely!

Handmade knitted hat C bought in a tiny country town we visited
Vintage green jacket with customised teapot buttons found in opshop five years ago
Hand me down Sportsgirl jeans from my mum, folded over at the bottom because I have very short legs
Red check Betts ankle boots
Dangerfield scarf
Black T.

^ Tiny Bianca with Launceston Post Office. I'm fairly sure it's been used continuously as a post office since it first opened. I haven't posted anything there yet.

^ Tiny Bianca with town hall. This building looks amazing. It's hard to pick a favourite building in this city as every single building is immaculate, very very old and extremely well taken care of (unlike any building in Newcastle).

^ We stopped in a tiny little town called Latrobe on our travels the other day and this place caught my eye. Interesting shop name.

^ Yesterday we stopped at two sets of markets and as we were sitting down eating our lunch we saw this van with an interesting numberplate. I can remember when Obama first got elected and Australia totally had Obama-fever.

^ I found a great deal of old postal paraphernalia at Evandale markets, but only picked up a bundle of things. These old postcards were about ten cents each. There were lots and lots of collectible envelopes with first edition stamps on them, but I didn't trust myself to get too many as I'd probably want to cut them up or repurpose them.

^ C bought this box of post themed rubber stamps for me at the markets. I've seen these in a shop in Newcastle for $60, but we picked them up for $20. They make me squeal how much I love them, ahaha. As soon as I got back to C's parents I stamped them all over everything.

^ Other markets finds; cheap organic tea, a gorgeous red silk kimono style jacket, a canvas bag that says 'Holiday Knitting Bag' which I am going to turn into my holiday mail bag (I'll have to find an appropriate patch to stick on it), two cute match book pads and a handbag I'm still deciding whether I like or not that I got free.

Yesterday we also did a little tour of an old estate called Clarendon House and made a visit to the magestic Cataract Gorge. Definitely somewhere I'd like to go again, I wish I'd taken more photos. Last week's trip to the honey factory, chocolate factory and cheese factory all in one day was wonderful.

I've been picking up a few postcards everywhere I go and here are a few things I've found so far;

^ The die-cut wombat and Tasmanian devil postcards are definitely my favourites (bottom). I picked up the lovely writing paper (left hand side) at a little information centre in a town called Deloraine. The two cow postcards came from the cheese factory we visited. They gave the life size (plaster?) cows to primary schools all around the area to paint and now all of the cows stand around the cheese factory property. Those two were my favourites. The yellow one was actually stolen from the property and they've never been able to find it. We're going to visit some of the lavender farms pictured on those postcards this week too.

^ Here is the Tassie devil postcard biting C's finger before we put him in the post box. C said it actually hurt. The postcard is so small I could only just write a paragraph. I hope his recipient likes him!

Houses to rent in this area (and in Tasmania in general) are ridiculously, irresistibly cheap. For the price we pay for our tiny little house in one of the 'bad suburbs' of Newcastle, we could live in a gorgeous, well maintained four bedroom house with a huge yard. Oh to dream.

^ This house is advertised for rent, and only around the corner from where we're staying and I have totally fallen in love with it. C's parents nearly bought it when it was for sale last year and they said it is amazing inside. I can't get enough of that red door. $250 per week and right near the university and the bus stop, WANT! I'm trying to convince Sophie to move to Launceston and live with me in it! I'm letting my imagination run wild with how lovely it would be to live in Launceston. The listing for the house is here, have a peek if you like :P

^ At C's parents.

On Saturday we went to meet up with a guy C met last time he was here and he basically listened to us go on and on about how beautiful Tasmania is (he's lived here all his life). He said we've been "bitten by the Tas bug", C made a joke that "now we'll have to go to the hospital again".

Entirely irrelevant to anything, I don't know if I've mentioned it before, but back in June when I first bought my Macbook, a week into owning it one of our cats knocked a cup of hot chocolate on it and it screwed up the screen. As it is very expensive to fix and having a slightly impaired screen doesn't really bother me too much I haven't done anything about it, but I just thought I'd put a picture up and show you what it looks like, haha. It's basically like having a big see-through mushroom cloud on your screen;

We're going camping this week in Hobart (the South city of Tasmania) so no internet for me! Today we're going for a 'historical walk around Launceston'. Hope you're having a lovely start to your week :)