Blackberry Stone

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Listening to: Jesus the Mexican Boy - Iron & Wine.
Drinking: Hot chocolate x 2.
Eating: Partially cooked banana bread (I hate cooking failures).

I just got back from a very pleasant day (and night) trip to visit my family in Dungog and catch up with my friend Timmy, who is up from over the border for a few weeks. I came home lugging a whole lot more stuff than I had brought with me, a beautiful hand-made fine silk wall hanging from my Nana amongst other things, and my mum gave me a hilarious crockery teapot shaped night light for our hallway. I am now feeling plagued by vertigo and what feels like the beginnings of a stomach bug. Ick. Without any prior thought about it, I asked my sister to cut my hair last night and now it's about a third of its previous length. Short! It was so long beforehand, the longest it had been since I was a kid. A new haircut for the new year I guess. Change is good. I took it out when I got home and waited for C to notice (he's usually super observant), but after thirty seconds I had to just tell him. We're having pasta with vegetarian mince bolognese (TVP) for dinner for the hundredth time in the last few weeks, I keep asking for C to cook it for me every night. So delish.

I've been ever so slowly catching up on replying to the influx of letters received while I was away. My first hand-drawn airmail envelope is travelling to lovely miss Mary of Bowling Green, KY;

^ And this makeshift postcard I made out of cardboard and pen is going out to the postmaster of The Art of the Postcard, a great little blog. It actually took around an hour to make.


This gorgeous vintage postcard arrived in my mail box last week from Algeria and it's very sweet;

And another lovely little card from Lauren (she spoils me with mail);

^I love the stamp smothered envelope, especially the 'P.S. Write Soon' stamp.

Letter writing aficionados might already be familiar with it, but I just came across and signed up for the next round of the Penpal Party organised by Susie of BoyGirlParty, looks like fun! (Thanks for the heads up Robyn).

Also, I'd really like to buy this tool set for C from V&A. He'd love them;

I've been downloading some interesting mixes from Mixtape Madness of late (not the Christmas mixes so much though), and I love submitting things to the Mixshare Livejournal Community.

A friend pointed out to me the line up for this years Bluesfest and it looks pretty damn fine (esp. The Swell Season, Buena Vista Social Club, Angus & Julia Stone & The Avett Brothers), but not at the exorbitant price. C and I are going to try see The Avett Brothers at their Sydney side-show;

Hope everyone is ready and looking forward to twenty ten! I can't believe the two thousands have passed and I can't imagine what this past decade will be remembered for - what music, what fashions, what events, what celebrities? What do we call the new decade? The tens? The teens? Fill me in?

I just came to the realisation that I may have extreme number dyslexia. I can't even say my own phone number right. Perhaps that's why I was so horrible at maths in high school.
Now to get back to Six Feet Under.