Cosmic Love

^ cori kindred.

Listening to: Lungs - Florence and the Machine
Eating: Marmalade on multi grain toast.
Drinking: Hot chocolate.

If you celebrated it, I hope you had a lovely Christmas (or Giftmas as I've been referring to it as). C and I slept in late, then I called some family, C made some risotto, my friend Paige and her boyfriend came over and then C and I just lounged around with cats on our laps and watched Six Feet Under episodes. The most Christmassy we got was that I dressed in red and green, by accident. After my family return from Canberra we're going to have a Summer Solstice get together and have a big lunch in a couple of weeks. That's one part about Christmas that I do enjoy, sitting around with family and overeating. Last year I made two pavlovas and a trifle.

Everything at the Jelio store is incredible. I'd like one of every item;

^ cupcake coffee table, xylophone coffee table.

^ gummy bear lights, rubix cube coffee table.

Sick of Facebook, Myspace, Twitter? Want to delete yourself from the social networking world as quickly as possible? Pay a visit to the Suicide Machine.

An underground Swiss mountain house;

I downloaded this font, printed it out and tried to construct a couple of letters to spell something out and it was an amazing failure of my patience, Punched Out;

Pay a visit to The Moment Jars.

The most amazing bus stop advertisements ever;

I spotted this indescribable 25 million dollar clock tower Brooklyn apartment via Gala Darling and I can't stop re-clicking through the pictures;

I love this diagram by Rachel Dukes. I definitely do the 'leap frog', 'fetal punch' and the 'static cling';

Beautiful toilet paper roll forest cut-outs by Yuken Teruya (via Swissmiss);

I love David Horvitz's ideas - I'd love to try out this one;

Ever reply to a spam email?

Here are some envelopes I've been making lately from different kinds of paper and magazine cut-outs - I've been doing a bit of a production line of them while I've been watching Six Feet Under episodes over the last few days. I have a huge pile and I'm not sure what to do with them all. I'd like to make a few more sets using my own images or creative commons images to sell at the markets/on Etsy, though I think these ones with collages of other people's images are okay for personal use;

And here are a few envelopes, from ten that I made, cut from an Italian language version of the gorgeous children's book The Rainbow Fish;