^ brantlea.

I've spent the day watching the Australian Open on tv. Last year when I watched it I was living with my brother and his wife in Carrington, and the final between Rafa and Federer made me cry, ha. The commentators are lengthily discussing the texture, shape and size of the tennis balls this year, it's ridiculous - "those balls couldn't get any fluffier". I swear I'd be a better commentator. I think I'm the least likely sports fan, but for two weeks of the year I am a die hard tennis fan, and for part of the rest of the year I am an Australian soccer fan. Yesterday I finally went for a bike ride on my rusty little kids bike - I hadn't ridden a bike in about ten years, so I looked pretty wobbly and ridiculous. I felt dorky, but I had a fun time riding around Newcastle's back streets. Sadly, C's bike is broken so we can't go for anther ride today. I'm looking forward to riding every day, and only just considered that it might make me a fitter. I haven't stopped sneezing over the last few days, it's exhausting.

I received a gorgeous envelope this morning from a Swap-botter in a Decorated Envie Swap and she included two envelopes she'd made. The main envelope looks like a Cavallini & Co, but I'm not certain;

I made a quick birthday card and envelope for C's mum last night;

Here are some pictures of my brother and my beautiful niece I took on the weekend;

^ on the table and then yawning at my mum.

^ This is my little sister.

^ one of the pavlovas I decorated for desert.

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: 9
Eating: Vegemite and cheese sandwiches.
Drinking: Fuze.
Listening to: screeching of Rafa's shoes on the tennis court on the Open on TV.