^ Nick Cave's soundsuits (via Agent Lover) and 'Baby' by Paul Graves (via Design For Mankind) - this one's for you Sylvia.

So, I spent several hours today laboriously slightly modifying my blog layout. I think it's generally tidier, but the two side columns make it a little cluttered and distracting and now every image can be no larger than 500px in width! How awful! Anyhow, I'm too lazy to change it any further and I haven't fiddled with html since I was about fifteen and I used to make geocities webpages every day, so I'm out of practice. I also made a new little favicon (look to the left of the url), by using this tutorial. I received two lovely items of mail today;

^This came from miss GirlZoot. She made twenty mini envelopes each containing the answer to questions I asked her in my last letter and each sealed with a different sticker.

^ A great Di De Los Muertos themed postcard from a lovely miss in Arizona.