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Listening to: Captain Matchbox Whoopee Band - Blues My Naughty Sweetie Gives To Me.
Eating: Eggs on toast.
Wishing: I could go swimming today.

I am a little miffed (I like that word) today because I have a pile of... *counts*... exactly 20 letters and postcards sitting beside me, some that have been sitting there for over a month, written, sealed, finished and waiting for stamps and I haven't been able to afford any! This is why I should really post letters one by one, as I write them, so that I don't end up going to the post office on the day I get paid with an armful of mail and come out $40 poorer. Oh well. If I owe you a letter and it's late, I do apologise - it is probably written and waiting to be posted. They'll all get to their destinations at some point. And sadly, glorious plans of going swimming today have been foiled by C being called into work. Boo! I did get some great mail today though;

Here's some wonderful incoming I received today;

Isn't this the loveliest postcard ever? Kindly sent to me by Megan. She's doing a great little giveaway on her blog this month, get in on it!

A great letter from Stephanie from Lunsh - the back features the list of 10 people she'd invite to a dinner party I requested.

Another great piece of mail from Garci.

A sweet letter from Laurine in France.

And a wonderful package full of goodies from Bruno in Brazil.

And some outgoing;

Metallic envelopes never scan well. You can actually see yourself in these envelopes.

A long overdue letter to Missive Maven.

Here's a really boring list of things I need to do before I go back to university:
  • Sort through internet bookmarks, cull.
  • Stretch, every day.
  • Respond to all of my current mail (12)
  • Pay my $28 library fine.
  • Sort through my Google Reader, cull.
  • Call my brother, visit.
  • Buy credit.
  • Make Doug take me to the ocean baths one night each week while it's hot.