Well, I've had an interesting few days, how about you?

C's friend Mel spent a night with us on Friday and my friend Tim, who I went to high school with, has been staying with C and I for the past two days and we sent him off on a train back to Wodonga early this morning. I think I had forgotten how good it feels to have good company around the house for a few days. Last night was kind of bizarre; we walked out to the stadium to watch the Jets (lose against Sydney, boo), got a lift home, watched the very funny new Tim Minchin dvd (which was actually filmed on the day I was watching him at the Enmore Theatre), we had eggs on toast for dinner and some how wound up playing online Uno together for several hours, which was surprisingly interesting - Tim chatted up a fourteen year old Greek girl (not knowing her age), we decided to all stay up until 4am when we'd walk Tim to the station, found some mouldy nectarines and took turns trying to throw them over our neighbours house (nobody lives there thankfully) and onto the road on the other side. Eventually we had to take Tim and his huge bag of stuff up to the station and C and I took our bikes. After we said goodbye, C and I decided to go on an impromptu ride around the city (I was wearing thongs and a short skirt, interesting bike wear) and we rode about 10kms, out to the lighthouse and the breakwall at the absolute tip of Newcastle. There was a weird mist, and tug boats took out and brought in ships while we watched, it was quite surreal. I hadn't ridden a bike that much in a very long time, so my body is obviously hating me for doing it now. We got home at about 6am, just as the sun was coming up, and I slept 'til noon, but I feel totally wrecked! I'm going to miss Timmy so much! He studies motorsport in Wodonga full time and only gets to make the trip up every now and then. I used to go stay with him a lot when I was still in school and he lived in Newcastle and I lived in Dungog. Anyway, that's the long story of my evening, thank you for reading my ramble.

A few days ago I saw my favourite Jets player, Nikolai Topor-Stanley, in the supermarket and I ridiculously became very shy and kind of ran and hid. This was reminiscent of when I saw my favourite band in Sydney and my friend Paige and I watched the lead singer eat his lunch alone before the gig and refused to go up and say hello despite C's encouragement. C said I should have just said to 'Topo' as I call him, "Goodluck on the weekend", but I'd obviously rather just watch creepily from a far. I don't know how to approach people that I admire or what to say to them without sounding like a ridiculous creepy fan girl. One day Topo, one day I'll talk to you;

(while browsing the interwebz for this picture of him I actually stumbled across his Facebook profile, ahaha)

Well it seems that the mail fairies try to lessen the blow of BAD MAIL with a bunch of good mail sometimes. Three great letters and a parcel almost cancelled out the letter from the Universities Admissions Centre telling me I didn't get my scholarship this semester. Of course, I'm still going to university, and that's all fine, I just won't have any money for books or transport or fun! Boo! This is a real shame, because it was with that scholarship I was hoping to help finance our move to Tasmania, so there's a possibility it will be delayed as a result. I'm not much of a fatalist, but I do accept that this is the way things have turned out, and it will all be fine. Onto the good mail!

^ I love receiving anything from this lady and this letter is no exception! Upon arriving home from Tasmania a month ago, there was a big box of goodies she sent me sitting in the mail pile and she included this little cutie (amongst a whole heap of other cool stuff) which sits on my desk;

^ Isn't that jar stamp just gorgeous? The sender of this lovely letter writes lovely zines. I read one of her zines a few months ago (it's called 'The Second Side') and this week she wrote to me out of the blue! How odd is that?

^ A fantastic letter from Aaron in Cali. He actually posted me that gorgeous postcard of Santa Barbara some time ago, but it was returned to him, so he included it in this letter. I adore the postmarked postcard too!

And lastly, I bought a pack of Anne Taintor postcards from Booktopia about a month ago (with some very much appreciated blog donations) and it finally arrived this morning;

^ Some of my favourites.

^ If you'd like one of these fun postcards let me know and I'll make sure one finds you!

Now to finish this image heavy post! I think it's time for breakfast and watching Degrassi! (3pm)
I think I might try to find some fabric and try out Robayre's bunting tutorial, very pretty.

Listening to: All I Want - Sarah Blasko.