The Good Stuff

^ (via swissmiss)

A week or two ago I entered one of Just Something I Made's giveaways and won one of Cathe's handmade faux engraved rings. It arrived today in a cute little box. Of course, I'm going to wear it whenever I blog;

In other news, I am so so sick of this heat! It's 30°C/ 86°F before 11am :( Tasmania is starting to sound too good.

Two other lovely mail items arrived today;

^ I almost had my first mail related injury trying to pry off the staples from this one :P Lauren has started up a new mail blog called Post With The Most/Letters She Wrote if you'd like to check it out.

^ A lovely letter from Carrie. The letter was written on the backs of fliers and cut up paper, I loved it.

I'm currently coveting this pretty little necklace from CuteAbility;