I wrote 5 letters today without meaning to. My hands and eyes are sore, worth it, of course. I've been experimenting with making envelopes out of different textures and papers lately. Here are a few;

^ This envelope is made from handmade Indian cotton waste paper. The paper has a really cool texture to it as each white dot is risen. In the bottom photo you should be able to see this better. I had to stitch the labels on as they weren't sticky enough to hold onto the paper.

The next two envelopes are made from thick tracing paper from the newsagents, with labels and paper stuck on top. I'm not sure how these are going to fare through the post, or if post marks will stick to the waxed paper, but we'll see. I love the fact that you can see what's inside it before you open it;

^ Headed to one of the girls behind Rolismail.

^ Sent to Tejal of All My Hues.

I owe about 5 emails to different people. I think there must be something wrong with me - writing a letter feels effortless, but writing an email feels laborious :\