^ Playing cards, handpainted on newspaper in a Soviet prison (via smut to-go)

Over the last few days I have:
Lugged the mini wheelie bin I mentioned last post through the streets of Newcastle to my mum's work.
Sat around late drinking lolly water at C's brother's house.
Baked two batches of choc-chip mint cookies.
Attended a delightful house warming party at Susy's, ate vegan pie, drank punch, met lovely people.
Dog-sat a friend of C's precious little puppies at her house.
Visited my brother and his wife and beautiful little Rose (That smell on the top of a baby's head is amazing).
Bought an external hard drive for my computer.
Watched the Newcastle Jets vs Melbourne Glory (soccer) at the stadium. Sat near a group of loud, beer-guzzling bogans who often yelled insults at our own team. Cheered loudly and got a lobster-grade sunburn, though it was worth it for the win.
Watched C clean up our very messy yard.

^ my dirty feet at the soccer.

^ the game.

^ me and the bin on the bus + on the street.

^ the mysterious silhouette of C.

^ Mesca asleep with her head in her hands on top of C's computer.

^ C with the almost vegan cheesecake he just made. Such a good house wench. Today he did the manly task of cleaning up the yard, then came back inside and baked! :D



^ from Laila in Norway.


^ my favourite metallic envelopes.

^ This is actually an envelope from a bank. I really liked the pattern inside the envelope so I turned it inside out and stuck it back together. It still has the see-through plastic panel so you can see the letter inside.

^ This postcard came with a bundle of stuff from Chandlerguera and now I'm sending it off to Norway.

^ To the lovely lady behind Time After Tea, envelope made from photocopied foreign newspaper.

^ & new lipstick :P