Pimming Swools

^ unknown (I'd love to know where this is from, it's so bizarre).

Last night Doug took me on our weekly evening trip to Kmart, this time because he said he needed to buy coathangers. Generally he compensates me for forcing me go places with him, by buying me small items of my choosing - yesterday he bought me a copy of Pretty In Pink for $8 and I bought a bike helmet. I am now going to ride around town on my kids bike with my dorky helmet, I can't wait :) We made our usual rounds of the store and partook in our ritual of trying on the lipsticks - Doug chose a subtle fluoro pink shade and then walked around the store a bit more. At first I didn't know why people were staring, but then it occurred to me that lipstick on men somehow doesn't seem to be socially acceptable. What a shame. Today C and I have been watching more Degrassi Junior High (hence the post title). Here are two letters I wrote today, still making envelopes out of tracing paper. Now we're off to watch the Jets game!;

^ this one is travelling across the world to Carly.