Red & Purple

^ From the amazing portfolio of Jaime Martinez (via Design For Mankind)

Y'know, I've never really asked my self what makes a great letter, but I must say if there's one person who knows the recipe, it's Missive Maven. Her letters make me laugh, make me think and inspire me to write more letters. This little package was no exception;

^ Including a fantastic mix cd, two aweome little foutain pens and a bunch of ink, a fantastic letter and all in gorgeous stationery! I love the 'Don't Eat Mail' warning all over everything.

Some great postcards lately also;

^ Salvador Dali and his beautiful moustache, from Hane in Brazil.

^ Very cute kittens, a reply from a Postcrosser.

^ Great dancing frogs from Ilona.

^ I love movie poster postcards, this one's from Rashel in Massachusetts.

Today I was just about to walk over to my friend Doug's house to do some painting and C came to the front door with me to say goodbye (and tell me not to get hit by lightening) and all of the sudden a huge strike of lightening hit a power pole across the road from our house. It was bizarre - flames and sparks and a huge bang that felt like it reset my heart! It was so loud! After that I waited a moment and then started down one of the streets near our house in heavy rain, only to hear the loudest thunder ever and all of the car alarms in the street went off. So I ran as fast I could home and then waited until the storm was well and truly gone. Really frightening! Go mother nature. Eventually I got to Doug's and we spent the day trying to make a collaborative painting (which sucked) and watching bad day-time pay tv.

I scrounged enough money to buy some hair dye last week and now I have a slightly altered hair colour, a kind of purple red. C took a picture of it for me;

I just had to repost this after seeing it on Paper Tastebuds - Shaun Usher, the same guy who brought us Letters of Note has another site called Letterheady, which features letterhead scans from famous people, companies and organisations - the likes of Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Nat King Cole, Houdini, Laurel & Hardy, Pepsi, Adolf Hitler, Isaac Asimov, Church of Scientology California, Frank Zappa, Johnny Cash and many others. I think it would be really fun to print a couple of these out and use them for your own writing paper;