We Won't Run

^ Riding A Rainbow

A ridiculously image heavy post!


^ A Swap-botter asked me to send her some Tim Minchin music/videos, so I happily made up this package for her.

^ My Benevolent Postcard Society mail out for February.


^ The lovely giveaway package I received from Megan today. That weekly planner is going to come in really handy and the postcards are so sweet and I really like the quote she included on the back of the package.

^ A lovely little letter from Greta in Lithuania. The little cards she included are mini 2009 calendars featuring artworks by Lithuanian artists.

^ Another very sweet letter from Amy.

^ A fantastic little package from Sylvia full of wonderful paper ephemera. The drawing/collage she did on the front of the envelope is awesome and I love the stamps she used.

Yup, spoiled with mail today.

It's exactly one month until I go back to university. Eeep! The night before last C and I walked up to the pub at the top of our street to watch the soccer on the big screen. We waited for a while and watched on as two ladies set up the karaoke gear. Eventually C texted his friend and asked when the game was supposed start and he said it had been cancelled due to Cylone Olga in far north Queensland, so we downed our drinks and got out of their quick before the karaoke started. I'm sure I've mentioned before that the area I live in has an abundance of opshops/thrift stores (probably 5 or 6 in a 500m radius) and we walked past one in particular on the way home and spotted a very nice looking bicycle dumped out the front. C wheeled it home, spent yesterday fixing it up with his brother and a friend and now he has a very awesome bicycle. So, going up there wasn't pointless. Last night after we watched the men's Australian Open final C and I went for a late night bike ride to the supermarket to buy ice cream. Several times I thought my long skirt was going to get caught in my brakes and reefed off, haha. I should probably be wiser in my bike riding fashion choices. When we got home we finished watching the last episode of Six Feet Under, and I must say it really is one of the best final episodes to a tv show ever. I feel so sad about not seeing those characters any more, I got so attached to them. C is moving our bedroom furniture around, which excites me. We're ever so slowly making Tasmania moving plans and if all works out we'll end up down there by the cold Tasmanian Winter. I am really excited about it, though detaching myself from the little world we've built ourselves here will be hard. And might I just say - I AM NOT GOING TO MISS THIS HEAT ONE BIT! No more 30°C/86°F mornings! In the meantime my best friend Manneh is moving some stuff into our spare room this week and potentially moving in soon, which is exciting. C and I have been considering what changes we might have to make t0 our lifestyle to be sharing house with someone again, but I think it's going to be pretty fun.

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