The Dracula Collection

I spent several hours today making envelopes out of an old book C had lying around called 'The Dracula Collection'; which was full all matter of ghouls and vamps and gross creatures. It was a bit dusty and made me caught and splutter, but sure made for some interesting envelopes. At first I thought some of the images were too gross or 'scary' to send to people, but once I cut up and folded all of the pages into envelopes I changed my mind, and now I think I like each in its own way. The labels were from a template I hand-drew, scanned and printed copies of. I'm thinking about selling a bunch of handmade envelopes whenever I can get an Etsy up. Lemme know what 'chu think - do they scare you? :D;

^ The book before it was chopped up!

^ Some of the pages before I reefed them out.

^Just about all of the envelopes, all together.

^ Some already addressed and waiting for letters.