^ Dan Hillier.

Tonight my mum came to visit (she's actually trying to sleep in our spare room as I type and keeps yelling out at me that my chair is too squeaky). She and her boyfriend are finalising plans for going to Japan in April, and during that time C and I are going to mind their house (and my step siblings and my sister) under the condition that she brings me back a bunch of sweet Japanese stationery and takes lots of pictures of the amazing street fashions (ala FRUiTS). Sweet deal. I received five lovely letters today;

^ Another fantastic typewriter-written letter from the delightful miss Milly. As a mail-tag request I asked for 'something red' and I received an amazing little red post box keyring in return. In tiny writing in that white square it reads 'London Post'. LOVE IT!

^ This is the second wonderful letter I have received from Melody and both times I have been dumbfounded by the fact that she is so young! I wish I was that cool, articulate and lovely when I was thirteen. Brilliant letter, gorgeous stamps and great stationery (you can't go wrong with Dark Horse).

^ This wonderful surprise package came from REread Design in Queensland. I wasn't sure how I should use the gorgeous sewn round circles, so my mum suggested that I temporarily hang them from the door knobs around my house where I can admire them all the time;

^ Another beautiful letter from Lila.

As well as this I also received a note from a lady in the US today that read that until further notice she would be ceasing all activity in regards to snail mail as she has returned to school. Of course this made me sad to lose a good penpal, but it also made me consider that going back to school is a big commitment and writing a great deal of letters every week and blogging are big commitments. I'm not sure how I'll go about juggling all of the above when I go back to university, but hopefully I can find a way to make sure all of these important elements in my life get the attention they deserve.

Tomorrow I'm going to attempt to make a batch of Vegan Crimson Velveteen Cupcakes (hopefully at least half as good as Whisk-Kid's look!).