Bits of February

^ I have no idea where this came from originally, but it made me giggle.

Create a tiny terrarium in a light bulb;

Clever and creative tea packaging;

I'll have any of these Etsy cursive typewriters please!;

A collection of Polaroids with the theme 'Before I die I want to...';

C sent me this link and it's basically crazy mail box heaven; 17 Unusual and Creative Mailboxes;

Amazing floppy disc paintings by Nick Gentry;

Definatalie did some pretty doodling on the pages of her copy of this months Frankie mag;

Some gorgeous free desktop images here. I have this one on my desktop currently;

I just really liked this Flickr photo;

I find this stump ring by Digby and Iona kind of ugly and totally gorgeous at the same time. I told C I'd give it to him when I propose ;) Lawl;

I like this scarf a whole lot by Cooler;

This shower curtain reminded me of Andy and his Real Wall, I'm sure he'd love to take it in the shower with him. It's got vinyl pockets so you can put things in it and they won't get wet - from Urban Outfitters (If you go to their website you might need to click on Australia at the bottom of the page to see it). I'm pretty sure I'm going to get this when I can afford to;

Lastly, a very cute, creative video;

Rethink Scholarship at Langara 2010 Call for Entries from Rory O'Sullivan and Simon Bruyn on Vimeo.