Licking Stamps

^ These envelopes were made by making paper dyed with achiote, then pressing in leaves and allowing it to dry in the sun. Amazing, by Mleak.

Oh boy, it was another grandiose mail day. I should probably be replying to mail and not just awing at the things I receive;

I mentioned a post or two ago that I participated in the Knick Knack Exchange. A lack of funds prevented me from going all out for my partner sadly, and I never anticipated I would receive a such an incredible package myself. It was delivered by parcel post and left at our front door and C brought it to me while I was still in bed, it is a good place to open mail;

^ Four inconspicuous little brown paper packages all tied up with twine.

It contained: A lovely card made by a friend of hers, a big pack of die-cut cardstock, a 'tag pad', a sticker pad full of beautiful stickers that look just like stamps, a Burt's Bees lipgloss pack, a gorgeous box, a pack of cute alphabet cards, a huge bunny shaped box of Ferrero Rochers and a cute little Peanut Butter Cup egg. Oh boy, each little package I opened got better and better! Is it weird to say I almost cry sometimes when I open my mail? Ahah.

Sandra, my wonderful partner who blogs at Don't You Wish even did a post about how ridiculous the postage for the box was! So hefty! She said it was her first time sending an item out of the US. I am so very very grateful - I keep going through each item over and over. It's absolutely perfect. I plan to send something back her way to say a huge thank you for her beautiful generosity. Uhhmazing...

The postman stopped out front just after I opened the pacakge and I went out to collect the mail and he talked to me for a bit and asked me about mail art, haha. It was sweet;

^ Aska also said to mention that she really wants to send LOADS more postcards and would love more people to send them to - if you'd like a pretty handmade postcard, send your address to aska.doll[at] and join her Facebook group - MAIL ART PROJECT.

^ Two gorgeous envelopes filled with great letters from Lauren.

^ Fantastic handmade envelope from Carla. The mailman asked me if the girl on the front was me, ahah.

Loading my blog makes C's computer not work properly, haha :D I am sorry about the over abundance of pictures, but really it's kind of your fault for sending me so much awesome mail, heh.