^ sleep sleeper (via)


^ A beautiful handmade envelope from Debbie made from a poster.

^ A great little letter from Rebecca in the UK. The tea card is one of my favourite things I've received in a letter ever. She also included some cute word magnets.

^ Eee, I love typewritten letters! A fantastic package from Jennifer, who has in fact launched a new blog and is hosting a pretty little giveaway you should take a look at.


^ I decided to spend my last $20 for the fortnight on international stamps :P

^ This one's got a print out of a photo booth picture of me and my friend Laura from my birthday last year on the back.

I finally got around to sending my Knick Knack Exchange package to my partner. I put it off because I'm poor and couldn't afford to pick up any fun stuff, so I ended up just grabbing bits and pieces out of my desk and filled up an envelope;

^ + some handmade envelopes.

^ Frankie and hot chocolate in my favourite op-shop find mug.

Frankie is the only magazine I buy regularly and although sometimes it's a bit hit or miss, it's generally a really good read. I picked up the second issue in a newsagents when I was about sixteen and have bought every copy since. It comes out once every two months so it means that it's not too much of a big deal for fork out $9 for it. I highly recommend it. In the latest issue there is a rather delightful article about a friend of mine called Susy Pow, who owns a zine shop in Newcastle (that I mention pretty often on this blog) called Bird In The Hand. Here she is (click to make it bigger);

There was also this DIY article about what to do with old jars that I really liked that I wanted to share. I'm going to try some out;

Today while Manneh and C battled each other on the Xbox I made a bunch of envelopes out of old Buffy comics C let me have (I know, I'm amazed he let me cut them up, he loves Buffy);

Here's some I made out of other magazines;

^ My favourite is the bottom left hand corner envelope or the 'Attack of the 50ft Woman' one.

I've seen a couple of my favourite bloggers (+) post pictures of two of their favourite items in or parts of their house lately in response to BacWoods Fern's post and I thought I'd contribute mine;

^ This is my pop art phone. No, sadly it's not functional, but I don't think it would take much to fix if I did want to use it practically and not just as an ornament. I made it for an art project when I was fourteen. It was originally a murky green colour and I found it in the basement of an old boyfriend's house. It's collaged with photocopied Pop Art images, stamps, magazine cut-outs, paint, nail polish and other miscellanea and then varnished. Next to it is a before-and-after type photo of C's cat when she was a kitten and now, and a letter 'B' I got from Spotlight and painted years ago.

^ Not an awesome picture of it, but this is a handmade appliqu├ęd cushion my Nana made me for a Christmas one year. There are a few other things around my house that she has made me, but this is probably my favourite. The little blonde-haired mermaid is supposed to be me (who would've thought I was naturally blonde) but her shell bikini has fallen off so she's kind of topless. Under the seaaaaa...

I'll see if I can do this once a week (or every two weeks maybe). Join in, I'd love to see your favourite parts of where you live.

And lastly, I'm a day late, but here is my weekly Fill In The Blank Friday;

1. If I could medal in an olympic event it would be the snowboarding is pretty epic .

2. If I was stranded on a deserted island I'd take C a bunch of food & a guitar .

3. Tornadoes are my most irrational fear. (They invade my dreams)

4. I'd rather be poor everyday, than work a job I hate everyday.

5. I am excited about going back to university. I've been feeling nervous, but I reread my subject descriptions and they really sound awesome .

6. I should really be blogging? That's all on my agenda for this afternoon .

7. One of my favorite things in all the world is good company .

Also, Scott McCloud posted this entry about how to avoid hand strain when drawing, but I thought it applied well to letter writing as I know after writing a letter or so in a row I feel like I've crippled my hand. Good tips.

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