Hot dog, jumping frog, Albuquerque...

^ Jenni Saarenkylae (via)

An old fashioned wish list
  • A subscription to Uppercase magazine.
  • A pair of cute heels, like these, or some really flash boots, like these.
  • Good red hair dye, like this.
  • A bunch of new zines to read, like this.
  • An instant camera, like this.
  • A bunch of sweet stationery items, like this, or this, or this, or this, or this, or this.
  • A good new red lipstick, like this.
  • A cute new purse, like this.
  • A new item of clothing, like this, this or this, or really almost anything from here (the last time I bought clothes was a long time ago).
  • A pretty house in Launceston, like this or this, or this, or this, or this (these are just some of my favourite flashy ones, haha). This, this and this are probably my more realistically priced favourites. I totally judge a house by it's postal address too :P
  • An extremely overpriced scarf that looks like a polaroid, like this. Weekly Top Artists:
  1. Laura Marling (11)
  2. Sime Nugent and the Forefathers (10)
  3. Why? (10)
  4. Dead Man's Bones (6)
  5. Death Cab for Cutie (6)
I played a gig today at the Tafe (a bit like an informal college) in Glendale. I did a really below par job (I'm not just being critical of myself), the mixing was bad and I just hated every note that came out of my mouth. Eh. I'm feeling disheartened, but really I'd just like to be playing with other people. I hate relying on myself. After playing I felt crap so I bit my nails until they were sore - I hadn't bitten them all year. Boo.

Manneh and I went back to the Hamilton Station Hotel open mic night on Monday and I played a few songs and the guy who runs it asked me if I'd like a set on a Sunday night there ($50 a set) and it sounds like it could be fun (or it might involve a lot more nail biting).

On the weekend I scrubbed up our spare room ready for Manneh's moving in and decided to take down my postcard wall in our lounge room and rearrange it. The postcards were attached with a blu-tack on each corner, but as the weather has been really warm (that's an understatement) it loosens and they all fall down and the corners come loose. In my obsessive compulsiveness I have to get up and stick down all of the corners of the postcards when they come off (or make C do it) and so I bought some fresh blu-tack and applied more to each postcard so they would hold better to the walls. I swapped the spot my Frankie posters hung with the postcard wall and now I have a rather nice mini postcard exhibition in my hallway - I've kept some in my lounge room to peruse, in total there are 203 of them. Hard to take a good picture in a hallway;

^ A portion of the wall.


Still no luck reattaching the mail box. The postman just beeps his horn now and C runs out and collects the mail for me :P

^ This lovely piece of mail came from Qld and contained a handmade postcard from a children's book and a sweet note. If you look closely on the front of the envelope the cancellation stamp reads "Post Early and SPEED your Mail". Love it. Very sweet.

^ Another sweet note from Lauren.

^ A great oversized postcard from Lauren that shows the attractions of Naples. I love it. I love tourist postcards that are actually unique to where they're from. Loved her stamps too;

^ An absolutely beautiful little Valentines card from Faiza. What she wrote really made my day after being in such a bad mood. She's a lovely lady.

^ My first ever mail from Argentina; a lovely letter from Jazmin.

^ If I had one this would take my prize for envelope of the week. A very cute cat-themed mail art piece from Nely.


^ My first letter to Turkey. This hand decorated envelope was sent to me in a swap.

^ Gold for Nely.

Song of the day: I Am The King of Rock'n Roll - Prefab Sprout (worst BEST song ever) "Hot dog, jumping frog, Albuquerque..."
Good news of the day: Henry Rollins is coming to Newcastle.
Watching: Spaced.

I'm going to have a bath!