My Travelling Mail Art Kit

^ If you love mail and you don't have this book, you need it!

Carolee and Jenny from Podpost did a wonderful how-to travelling mail art kit in Good Mail Day. I thought I'd show you what goes in my mail art kit when I go away (even for a day or two);

^ A reasonably sized, sturdy bag. This one was a gift from Chandlerguera, it's made by Blue Q.

^ A bunch of mail needing replies.

^ My replies book - to keep track of what letters I've written and what letters I need to write. Just in case you were wondering, '(en)' means I've made an envelope already, ha. C had no idea what this meant and said something like "Does it mean you write those ones in English?".

^ Some addressed envelopes I've already made up for my replies. I usually make an envelope up for a reply as soon as I've received a letter.

^ A couple of different sheets of writing paper and some index cards - they're good for writing short notes.

^ Date stamp, double sided tape, regular tape, glue stick, clear gum glue, letter opener, airmail stickers, stapler, some spare envelopes, two types of labels, post it notes, a few postcards, a red, blue and black pen, a marker.

^ Rubber stamps, stamp pad, scissors, stickers, fountain pen, scrap paper and some tea (I like to include some in my letters).

^ Packed neatly inside.

^ Zipped up. Big enough to fit all of my mail odds and ends inside, but small enough to fit neatly into a suitcase or my handbag.

Anything else you'd include (or exclude) in your own mail art kit?
I think it would be great fun to pick up some cheap supplies and make little mail art kits to send to friends.

Here's a link to Craftside's travelling mail art kit which I spotted via Good Mail Day's post.

Sorry for all of the posts in a short amount of time, I guess the fact that university is about to start is dawning on me and I'm trying to get in as much blogging and letter writing as possible! Today I think I'm going to post a few letters with the last of my change and watch Moulin Rouge (I've never seen it before). I hope you get some lovely mail today!