^ To Mr Cheng.

C and I have been up late watching season 2 of Breaking Bad (such a good show) and I've been dividing my time between keeping my eyes on the screen and writing words on a page and wrote three letters;

^ Made from a cut-up Oxfam brown paper bag. These detailed red pen envelopes sure take a long time, but overall I really enjoy making them. I've often been annoyed with myself that I can't seem to produce 'art for art's sake'. I can only draw up things like this when I'm making something for someone else, or if I have to submit something for a class. It feels self absorbed to want to create a piece of art for myself, I don't know how to fix this feeling. This envelope was made for the lovely Reread Design.

^ One of my last Kathie Olivas envelopes.

^ This one's a bit scary, so I hope Melody likes it. It's so full it's about to burst. I had to add extra tape. I really enjoy her letters.

Listening to: Feeling Yourself Disintegrate - The Flaming Lips
Consuming: Peanut butter off a spoon, classy.