Loosely following Paper Source's 'envaccordion' tutorial I decided to put together a multi-compartmented envelope for my reply to Missive Maven (which I am yet to write, but I wanted to show you the envelope). I anticipate that I will fill each compartment with a page from my letter, perhaps a postcard or two, some tea and other small bits and pieces (it has to be thin enough to be able to fold back up).

Quite image heavy I'm sorry!;

^ Gluing the envelopes together - I used three plain red envelopes and two shiny silver ones. An uneven amount is good. Gluing the back of the flap of one envelope to the front of another envelope, repeating.

^ Starting to decorate. Of course only the 'front' and the 'back' will be visible when it goes through the post, but as you unwrap it you can see the rest of the decoration.

^ Rigby started posing so C took a picture.

^ Colouring in.

^ Makin' it pretty.

^ Again, Rigby with her poses.

^ Sticking bits on.

^ Planning & stamping.

^ Rigby, crying out for attention.

^ Finished product (inside).

^ Finished product (outside).

^ Folding it up.

Of course the back flap will have to be secured in a way that is able to be detached easily without damaging the rest of the envelope. I'll probably just tape down the edges of the flap. Lol @ my blobby drawing of Australia.

^ All folded up, the front.

Just quietly, I may have another giveaway planned for sometime next week, stay tuned :)