There are roads left in both of our shoes

^ unknown.

^ These are all of the letters I've written over the past two weeks, unposted as yet due to lack of stamp funds. Sorry if you're waiting on a letter, it'll be with you soon!


^ This came from the lovely Cornelius Post Office. I love their stamp!

^ I love the stationery Olivia used, it made me laugh.

^ This darling envelope came from Bree in South Australia. Isn't it beautifully decorated?

^ A lovely first letter from Passion.

^ Last but not least, this unassuming little package from Meg brought me a huge bundle of wonderful paper ephemera, some of which I've already made use of and I only received it this morning. Lots of great stickers, little vintage cards and miscellanea.


^ To the lovely lady behind Moazyia.

^ I don't think it really shows, but this envelope took about two hours from start to finish! I'm sending it off for a Decorated Envelope swap, probably my last Swapbot swap for a while as my mail funds are already meagre. Here it is before I addressed it;

Last night C and I made our weekly trip to the pub at the end of our street (the Hamilton Station Hotel) to watch the Jets on the big screen, who were entirely disappointing and had a sad 3-0 loss. The Super Bowl was on another screen behind us and I watched on for a few minutes trying to work out how the game worked, but it never happened. American football is still a total mystery to me. Inadvertently we were also present for the pub's Monday night open mic, which one guy was running to a very sparing audience. He played a few of his songs, begging the crowd for any takers, and eventually I just got up and asked him if I could play a song ('New Romantic' by Laura Marling). I am very unaccustomed to playing to people I don't know and that's the only time that I feel nervous about singing. Singing in front of 1000 people I know personally at my high school felt very different to singing in front of five strangers at an open mic. Of course the beauty of open mic nights is that the audience have no expectations of you. When I got home I sent Manneh a message and told him when he moves in we'll have to infiltrate this open mic night more often. The fact that this experience made me so nervous made me decide my only option is to force myself to do it more. When was the last time you sang in public?

Listening to: Experimental Film - They Might Be Giants, Soul Meets Body - Death Cab For Cutie, Alison - Elvis Costello.
Making: Choc-chip mint cookies.

NB. I just had to add that after reading this post C informed me that he has actually never received a letter from me and it made me laugh but also feel a little sad. He's written me several letters and eighteen postcards, one for every day he was in Tasmania away from me. I guess I should probably write him a letter sometime :P