Day 03 + 04: Favourite TV Show & Book

^ Paul Octavious.

One favourite tv show? Pft! Here is my meticulously chosen top 5 (I ♡ box set TV);

Our Hero;


Six Feet Under;

The Mighty Boosh

The L Word

Favourite Book(s)
; Company and Jennifer Government by Australian author, Max Barry (who keeps a rather great blog) -

Regular posts will resume soon. I'm trying to negotiate some kind of uni VS the rest of my life tug of war agreement.

Today I bought two pairs of new shoes (with a large sum of money kindly and surprisingly donated to me by the government for my going back to university) and made friends with the bus driver on the way home. His name was Will, he is Chilean, plays squash and Spanish guitar and we share the same birthday! He forgot his lunch, so he was really hungry (12 hours non-stop driving!). He has been driving buses for ten years and prior to that was a professional musician. He was meant to be on holidays now visiting Chile, but he couldn't go due to the earthquake. It felt quite sad getting off at my stop after making this new friend and hearing his story. I joked he was going to drive past my stop. I hope he's driving a bus I catch again soon. Of course, this could have been a really strange situation, but I think sometimes a chance meeting with a stranger can be strangely meaningful (I just used the word 'strange' three times in that sentence).

Listening to: Birds Stealing Bread - Iron & Wine.