^ Hollie Chastain.

I will keep up with blogging and letter writing and uni work, I will!
I will keep up with blogging and letter writing and uni work, I will!
I will keep up with blogging and letter writing and uni work (and sleep), I will!

^ There is a huge pumpkin patch monster in my backyard that latches onto your legs when you go near it. And I have new shoes (1st are pretty red Portlands, 2nd were cheap from Sportsgirl) and patterned stockings.

Outgoing; Yes, I actually wrote some letters this week! I get about as many letters each day as I send out in a week. Will I ever catch up?

^ I signed up to Megan's stationery swap a week or two ago (the day sign up closed) even though I knew I would be too poor to be able to really go out and get anything new and awesome. I just couldn't resist. Once partners were assigned I read the details of my partner and totally fell in love with her blog. She actually only lives an hour of two away from me and has spent time in Newcastle. I basically gleaned as much stuff from the drawers of my desk to throw into this package for Pip and hoped I included enough bits and pieces that she'd find at least a few things she liked. She did a lovely post about it, so I was very happy she enjoyed the stationery miscellanea from the depths of my desk!

^ An overdue letter to lovely Jennifer.

^ Elvis > Patty. Made from a magazine page.

^ I wrote this letter and the one below it today in a four hour break between a lecture and a class, while sitting in one of these awkward little desk booths right at the back of the library that I'd never seen. Basically they're one huge desk divided into lots of little partitions. I could hear the guy next to me's stomach rumbling every now and then and he breathed really heavily. Every now and then somebody would pop their head up above the partition and awkward eye contact would be made, then papers would be shuffled. Massively sidetracked, this envelope is made from a page from a numerology book I'd never read.

^ A little envelope for Rebecca, made from a numerology book page.


^ This was an awesome letter and and as you can see all extremely aesthetically pleasing, from Mary, who keeps a rather grand Tumblr.

^ A gorgeous shiny panoramic Disney postcard from Lauren with some very pretty stamps.

^ Very cute illustrated envelope from Nely with a lovely letter.

^ Is this the biggest postcard ever? It's huge! It would never have fit in my letterbox. Wonderfully decorated from Suzan in Denmark. It's so gorgeous, the detail on the woman is so beautiful. I'd love to know what it was originally.

^ Oh man - this surprise package was sneakily left on my doorstep by the incredibly lovely Nici from Blackbird Corner on Friday and I had the biggest smile when I opened it. She said that my house was closer than the express postbox and just dropped it in. Isn't it fantastic!?

^ A great little package from Megan. She included some Redskins (which I love) which were a little melted when they arrived, but they still tasted awesome (I ate them as soon as I saw them in there, haha). Great letter M :)

^ All that came in this package was a new ribbon for my typewriter but I liked the assortment of stamps and that they stuck one on my name.

^ A bright little envelope with a lovely long letter that I can't wait to reply to, from Aaron. I really enjoy his handwriting! Also, you should totally participate in Aaron's 50 US state postcards challenge.

So far I have spent about $150 on materials for my courses for uni and I haven't picked up everything yet :( So my mum is helping out as a birthday present. The art supplies shop at uni is like my dream shop. I found a huge stand of different coloured and patterned tracing papers, but at $2 a sheet I won't be buying a bunch;

So, after having a really poor week I now have a bunch of money that I'm not sure what to do with. I think I'd like to buy an SLR camera, but I'm a bit uncertain about what type of SLR I'd want. Any suggestions?

This week we introduced a 'Punishment Jar' in our household. C and Manneh make a lot of very bad jokes and puns. When they make a bad pun they have to write it down and put it in this jar. Of course, my original idea was that they should have to put money in the jar that I would receive as compensation for having to listen to the jokes.

^ Manneh and the pun jar.