Miserable Feet

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Okay, so I told you I was bad with self imposed rules. Here are the days of the list that I've missed (Sylvia overtook me!);

♡ A favourite quote:

The three grand essentials of happiness are: something to do, something to love, and something to hope for.” - Allan K. Chalmers.

Whatever tickles your fancy:

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A photo that makes me happy:

^ My sister and I when we were little (she's the little one).

A photo that makes me angry/sad:

^ The feet at the bottom belong to an ex-best friend.

A photo I took:

^ This train carriage was a class room at my high school, painted by students. I did some of my HSC exams in there.

Today I had my first 'Photographing Imaging for Design' class and I really enjoyed it. The first lecture we had was just the history of photography, but the lecturer made it really interesting. I can say however that my second-week uni enthusiasm has somewhat worn off. I thoroughly hate group work. Actually, I don't hate it, I've had a really good time doing group work, it's just this one. In another class we were divided into groups of three and have to make a 'book' - we make certain pages of the book each and the finished product should look like one designer made it. We're not getting graded on it and it's just meant to be something simple. It's a crappy feeling having all of my ideas blocked, ending up with something that doesn't at all represent the task or something that I'm proud of and being left with vague disorganised idea of what we're going to do. I think perhaps the disaster of it was the point of this exercise.

Two very pretty letters arrived today;

^ A brilliant little envelope and note from Sophie in Melbourne. The vintage postcard she included is grand. When C saw the envelope he thought it looked really familiar and realised it's made from a poster exactly the same as one we have on our wall.

^ I'd been really excited about receiving a letter from Micaela ever since she sent me a postcard a few months ago and it was as wonderful as I imagined. She included some beautiful little stationery items and I love her envelope. AND she drew a very sweet little picture of me at the top of her letter;

Yesterday C and I worked out an exaggerated approximation of how much moving to Tasmania is going to cost and I was pleasantly surprised. It's still going to be hard to find the funds to do it, I think we should scrape by. We're going to start buying boxes soon and packing up unnecessary things around the house. I don't think there's going to be much left in the house when we leave and Manneh will still be here!

^ These are wild pumpkins that grew in our little yard from pumpkin seeds we'd thrown in our compost. There are a whole heap of them, though they're not quite ready. I still find it odd that we live in this grubby little suburb and some pumpkins just grew themselves in our yard.

I'm going to have a bath! C bought me an imitation Ped Egg because I said I wanted one, which made me laugh, though I'm not so sure how I feel about 'grating' my feet...

Ps. One of my best friends had a little animation she made screened on Hungry Beast on the ABC tv last night, luckily I was watching by accident!