Day of Mirth

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I celebrated my 20th birthday yesterday, and discovered that I also share a birthday with Pip from Meet Me At Mikes, Diana from Our City Lights and Ruby Rose. Yay for shared birthdays. I had a very quiet celebration which involved a huge breakfast/brunch with C at my favourite cafe Rolador, some lovely phone calls, watching movies at home, homemade chocolates, my favourite pizza and an excruciating migraine. Last year I had a HUGE birthday (picture 200 people singing you a happy birthday while you're dragged on stage and fanned by burlesque dancers) so this year I was very content to do very little.

My birthday brunch;

^ Bruschetta with scrambled eggs, baby spinach, slow roasted tomato, feta, pesto & pine nuts and a hot chocolate float.

And C's breakfast (notice the size difference in our breakfasts? Haha);

^ Pumpkin & polenta loaf w/ avocado & tomato and soycap.

^ I'll miss this little cafe. It has a good atmosphere. I hope we can find a suitable equivalent in Launceston.

^ Birthday feet.

^ I made some homemade chocolates yesterday with some cool molds I bought from Spotlight. Coconut chocolates (like Golden Rough), orange, almond and peppermint flavoured.

^ Spotlight sent me a $10 voucher for my birthday, so I bought these cute rubber stamps and some scrapbook paper.

The day before yesterday C and I walked around the city, visited Spotlight, the Old Lolly Factory op-shop, Eckersleys, Natural Tucker and the city library. I've been plagued by intense headaches lately, so we bought some painkillers while we were out and they had a muscle relaxant in them so I was feeling pretty odd all day. I sat in Civic Park for a moment and watched a huge family really excitedly play cricket and I saw a rainbow in the fountain;

C and I both love misspelled signs, this one was out the front of a Variety Store;

I am considering buying this baby with my little bit of birthday money;

^ White Slim Angel from Four Corner Store. In Our Bedrooms did a great little post about it.

Some mail from Friday;

^ Some cupcakes in the mail from Garci. Gorgeous.

^ Another sweet letter from Amy.