^ Paul Octavious.

Last week I put a lay by on a rather fetching coat and bag at a shop that always lures me in near my house. They were both a little pricey and although I had the money to spare I figured that lay by would be the most responsible way to buy them, little by little. Well, it turns out I'm really bad at lay by... My sister came by today to give me a birthday present, which my mum had talked about being the most 'me' thing she'd ever seen and that it cost my sister quite a bit (she's sixteen and works in a takeway shop) but she had to get it for me. My sister handed over the gift and inside the wrapping I found the most beautiful red ruffly pointed-tipped umbrella. It's just gorgeous and I really can't wait until it rains. There's an umbrella shop in Launceston and I'd eyed this one off in the window when we were there! So, I really just had to go get my red coat and bag to match and I ran back to the shop and paid them off entirely and brought them home. Yes, I may be a little obsessed with red...

^ I almost forgot to mention, because it blends in with the rest of the red, that I'm wearing the scarf my mum gave me for my birthday.

When I was in the shop I made friends with the girl at the desk and we talked for about half an hour. I thought I'd try on a dress and took it into the change rooms. Then the worst thing that any woman can encounter while in public change rooms happened to me... I got stuck in the dress. I had a tug-o-war with it in there for about twenty minutes, trying every possible position to get it off me, I heard it tear a tiny bit but it still didn't give all the while trying to be as quite as possible so as not to alert the sales girl. After a lot of work and pulled muscles I pried myself out of it, put my dress back on, stumbled out, put it back on its hanger and awkwardly left.

Some of today's lovely incoming;

^ Bree decorates envelopes in the most beautiful way, and she's an impeccable letter writer. I love the stationery she used.

^ A big, lovely gift from my friend Paige. I'd never seen that magazine before and it's quite wonderful. The chocolate is long since devoured. How does Hersheys seem to taste so much better than any Australian chocolate? And, without intending it, she gave me the gift of seventeen stamps, as the package arrived uncancelled, so I peeled off all the stamps and reused them. Stingey or resourceful? It's a shame they're of unfortunate looking Australian authors. I wish I could draw moustaches and glasses on them (without making them invalid).

^ The aftermath of opening the package.

^ Zoe's letter was beautiful, she also has a great blog. Again, with the Australian quarantine opening my mail! Again, nothing taken out. As far as I have read tea is not a prohibited item to be sent to Australia (unless it contains seeds).

And a meagre outgoing;

^ My first letter to Argentina, made from a page from a numerology book, with reused stamps.

^ Another numerology book creation. Love that peacock.

I went to uni today for a lecture but felt too sick to stay the three hours until my tutorial. Ick, so much work to catch up on I bet. Well, shower, bed and sleep in are on the agenda for me at the moment. Hope you have a lovely weekend!