Neatest Hand

^ link.

Today is my sick day, I have a very unhappy stomach. I went to the doctors and she sent me off to buy some strange electrolyte juice. I have to sip 200ml every half hour. It takes me about half an hour to sip it all as it's quite unpleasant. So that's basically constant sipping until I go to bed. At least it's a fun colour, bright purple. I missed a tutorial yesterday and today due to the ills and I'd really like to not miss tomorrow as I am quite enjoying my subjects (don't quote me on that though, I'll change my mind tomorrow). Today being a sick day, it has been a good day for letter writing;

^ I chopped up Brody Dalle's face and fashioned it into an envelope for the winsome miss Carly. I found a bunch of old posters I'd packed up in a box from my early teen years and this was one I chopped.

^ A letter to a lady named Belen. She sent me a fantastic Swapbot package some time ago and I had to write to thank her personally. This envelope is made from a page of a numerology book and collaged.

I recieved a darling little first letter from a girl named Kristin today. I have never seen handwriting so perfect, I was certain it was a font;

Today is St Patrick's Day. I am pretty confident in making the assumption that Australians celebrate this day with more vigour than the Irish. I'm sure that nobody has a clue or a care what the day actually means, it's just an excuse to do an all day pub crawl and get very drunk. I accidentally wore a green jacket earlier, but swiftly took it off upon realising.

Walking back from the doctors C took some photos. I am really enjoying this new camera (the memory for it arrived today);

^ This camera is so good it makes up for my no make-up sick face.

Mini mix of things I've been listening to:
+ Protection Racket - Fionn Regan
+ Lisztomania - Phoenix
+ Grounds For Divorce - Elbow
+ Goeorgia Vs Yo La Tengo - Yo La Tengo
+ All This Beauty - The Weepies
+ Neatest Hand - The Guild League (a song about letters)
+ French Navy - Camera Obscura

Blueberries are like $2 a punnet at Aldi at the moment, I am SO making this pie.

I just saw this bag via Red Letter Day and I am obsessed... no words...

^ Then I remembered Belen has one, so I decided I must fly to California and steal it from her.