^ Rune Guneriussen.

Still no memory for my new camera yet - I have this pretty shiny new camera beside me but can't take any pictures yet! Patience, hmpf. Today I came home early from ewnie and missed a class to come home and nap off sickness. It was a great nap. Hard to wake up. We have a house inspection tomorrow so I've been thinking of things that need doing and pointing C in their direction, heh.

I spotted a link today on the Frankie website to a place called 'The Package Project" and was eager to share. I'm not sure if I'll participate yet as I'm trying to concentrate on the ever growing mail pile in front of me, but it sounds awesome! Check it mail children.

This beauteous letter arrived from Milly today, I love her drawings. I saw it on her blog before I received it and she did an awesome little series of these envelopes. So cute! Tiny postman! It was a little worrying though as the envelope was completely open when it arrived, hope nothing jumped out in transit;

^ How good is Kitpup and the mail delivering spider?

One of the first places we went when we arrived in Launceston in November was this little touristy shop with postcards and Tasmanian paraphernalia and I spotted this hilarious giant hundreds-and-thousands chocolate freckle shaped like Tasmania. It was too expensive to buy for the novelty, but I really wanted it. Low and behold, C's parents sent me a little birthday present this week;

^ The note said to share it with someone I love or eat it all myself, so I ate it all myself. Nah, I shared. I got to eat Launceston, C ate a bit of the North West Coast and Manneh ate some Hobart. Tasty, tasty Tasmania. I also had a really cute Facebook conversation later with C's mum and she was so excited about us moving down there, she said "you don't know how much you guys moving here means to us". Awwh. I asked C if he'd told them it was my birthday this week and he was like "No, you wrote it in huge letters on their calendar". Haha, oh right :D

^ This fantastically decorated envelope arrived today from my friend Min. I've recently been rediscovering the joy of Msn Messenger and C keeps laughing at me because I laugh so much when I'm on Msn. Min is a funny lady. I have NO IDEA how to pronounce the suburb she lives in...

^ I believe this may be my Benevolent Postcard Society pc for March.

I've been starting to chip off letters from the pile in my spare time. Taking letters to uni is a good idea. It's funny, as soon as I receive a letter from somebody I make up an envelope for my reply and it sits in a pile until I get around to filling it with a letter. I made the below envelopes so long ago!

^ This envelope was made from a magazine page of Maggie Gyllenhaal's pretty painted face. Please excuse my horrific drawings of California and the USA. Funnily enough my drawings of New South Wales and Australia overside are just as bad. This envelope was quite thick as I included a little Aus-themed surprise for Miss Belen. The 'Belen' card on the back of the envelope actually came in an amazing Swapbot letter from a lady whose first name is Belen and it is her business card, hope she doesn't mind me passing it on to another Belen!

^ To lovely Linsey. Her name is written in 3-d stickers. Every time I sent something through the post with them on it they get all mashed up and melted by postal machines, so I am interested to see if these ones survive the journey unscathed.

I also sent a bunch of postcards, but I never think to photograph them. Oh wells.

^ Currently cooking (except with blueberries instead). C ripped the recipe off the back of last week's Aldi catalogue.

Have I mentioned lately how bad the mosquitos at uni are? SWARMS. HUGE SWARMS! I'm bitten all over.

I've decided to scrap the list's 12, 14 & 15 entires as I couldn't think of anything to contribute, so I am replacing them with; 13. Something that makes you laugh, 14. Something you're thinking about and 15. A mix of songs you're listening to lately. Number 15 will come tomorrow.

^ Well, they both did the first few times I watched it, now I've seen them both about 50 times! I just reread over this post and realised I'd posted two very immature videos, haha.

THINKING ABOUT: What to do for my twentieth birthday (Saturday). I'm totally out of ideas. I have four days left of teendom and I am excited and daunted by what this decade will be like. Twenties. I think I've posted this before, but here's a list of some birthday traditions from around the world. Maybe I'll try to incorporate some of them into my day. I was thinking about taking C to see Alice In Wonderland with me but I haven't heard as many awesome reviews as I'd like. I'm thinking about just taking my new camera out and snapping photos around Newcastle with C for the day, having some lunch, walking around the beach. Very low key. Any suggestions on an appropriate way to celebrate the anniversary of my birth?