I skipped uni today to write letters. Today was quite productive, though the letter pile still stands at 26. My week-long uni break just started and I have to drive my parents to the airport tomorrow in lieu of their holiday to Japan, then head up to their house in the country to mind the kidlets (my sister and step siblings) mid next week. This would be more enjoyable if I didn't have something due for every subject as soon as I return!

^ An overdue letter for Carla, made from one of C's Fray comics.

^ A letter to little Shona in the UK.

^ For Kati, who sent me a lovely first letter.

^ A Buffy comic envelope for Stephanie.

^ A little note to Sophie with an envelope made from a Sportsgirl catalogue.

^ And my Benevolent Postcard Society mail out for April. I picked up this odd postcard while passing through a tiny little town in South East Tasmania called DOOTOWN. All of the houses there have signs out front with names featuring the word 'Doo'. There are probably only a few more houses there than are featured on this postcard and many of them were for sale. The town sits on some of the most beautiful coastline I've ever seen. Can you think of any other 'Doo' words you'd name your house? Doo Ron Ron, Doo Be Doo Be Doo...

I called up two different Officeworks shops the other day to track down a set of drawers I saw there a few weeks back. I ended up finding what I wanted, but it was a bit of a bus ride away and I'd have to take the drawers (flat packed into a box) home on the bus. I trekked out, bussed back and had a fair walk home after that with this box on my shoulder, awkward to carry and heavy, in the rain, just as it was getting dark. Good times;

C helped me assemble it, then I filled it up with stuff! It's a much better system for crafty things than I had previously and fits a lot and has wheels. It's definitely a cheap, easy way to store things and it makes everything really accessible;

I thought it would be funny to give a tour through my drawers, in order from top to bottom, ha;

^ Labels, stickers, tea, miscellanea.

^ Envelopes; handmade and store bought.

^ Stationery and writing paper.

^ Postcards, about a hundred of 'em.

^ Miscellanea including airmail stamps, paper cutter, pencils, thread, inks, camera batteries, cords, etc.

^ Miscellaneous paper for envelope making and collages.

^ Magazines for chopping.

^ Boring uni notebooks, they needed somewhere to go.

^ Zines!

^ Boring 'important paperwork'.

How do you keep your creative bits and pieces sorted?