Rainbow Eyes

^ Andrea Joseph Illustration.

My friend Sophie asked me to take a photo of my bag and its contents, so I thought I'd share;

^ My bag is tiny and I have to cram these few items in! What's in your bag?

While in Tree of Life the other day I spotted these rainbow bracelets and grabbed a bundle to put in letters. I've used a few of them already. Want one?

I visited my friend Doug the other day and he showed me how to make felt. I had no idea how it was made, and I watched on in amazement as Doug used a sheet of bubblewrap, a bottle of dishwashing liquid and water and some fluffy wool to create a beautiful piece of felt. I'm totally going to try this out;

^ The laptop cover Doug is working on. Soon after this picture was taken I stood up and hit my head really hard on the above bunk and fell down and blacked out for a moment. Good times.


^ I had been forewarned about the awesome contents of this package; a lovely birthday gift from Min. I am particularly fond of her photocopied stationery, last week it was pineapple head man, today it is nutella head man.

^ This would have to be one of my favourite envelopes ever, and the phone charm with my name on it is awesome! I can never find anything with my name on it. Thanks Malu!

^ An always sweet postcard from with postess with the mostest.

^ I really love the label on this letter from Passion, it is almost as good as the letter inside.

^ A beautiful birthday card from Lauren. A beautiful glittering lady in green and blue, now hanging on my mantle.

^ A fabulous little envelope from Cari. I like that the strange woman is saying my name and address while holding a cat.

^ A grand letter from Patty, with fantastic hand decorated stationery.

^ This little envelope is the second I have received from a lovely lady named Rebecca, who I met very briefly a few months ago at a party of a mutual friend. Bizarrely, I was sitting in the Student Services building at university the other day and saw a familiar face, though it was obvious we were both struggling to remember how we knew one another, eventually we remembered and she sat down and had a chat with me for a bit. I just found that idea so odd - that most of the people I write to could walk write past me in the street and I would never recognise them.

^ Faiza delivered me some sparkly Care Bears. Hoping she had great fun in London!

^ Oh man, so good! Jenny sent me a little bundle of great pens and red ink and wrote about finding red in her life. Red is very good to have around. Isn't her stationery fantastic? I am in awe of it. I must know where it came from! I also had a giggle when I noticed she'd sent me a little red badge that said "Good" on it and realised it was also her surname! I almost missed seeing the back of envelope she included, where her address is fantastically embossed;

^ Want!

Well, that's the mail I've received in the last two days (Fri&Mon), and this is all I've sent out in the last week! Bad, bad, bad;

^ A collaged envelope for Min. Those eyes are looking at you.

^ Girls snoozing on a zebra, for Lauren.

I found this collection (via Letter Writers Alliance) a few days ago and I have no words;

1. Coin Purse 2. Travel Pass Holder 3. Make up bag 4. Travel Set 5. Wash bag 6. Overnight bag All here.

Today it rained and I finally got to wear my coat out and use my new umbrella. It was fun. So much red.

Listening to: So Frenchy So Chic 2009
Consuming: C's amazing vegan cheesecake - see;