Do Write

^ Theresa Thompson.

Some of my favourite free downloadable printable stationery from around the interwebs;

^ CD envelopes designed by Tomoko Suzuki for Canon, music theme here and travel theme here.

^ Mini greeting card and letter-writing set from Eat Drink Chic, here.

^ Thank you note cards and envelope template from Cottage Industrialist, here.

^ Bookplates by Emily Martin of Inside A Black Apple on CraftSanity, here.

^ Happy Valentines Day postcards with tutorial from Alana K Davis, here.

^ Floral stationery sheet and envelope from 365 Days of Vee, here.

^ Nonpariel mag bunting invitations, here.

^ Tags and labels by Renne Garner, here.

^ Labels from Miss Cutie Pie Goes 80's, here.

^ Mushroom labels and to-do lists from A Print A Day, here.

I'll try to post more of my favourites every day or so during the week!

I spent the whole day agonising over that stupid assignment I mentioned a few posts down and ended up just making up something totally ridiculous and writing about it. I'm probably going to get no marks for it, but I've always been taught you've just got to hand something in. WHAT DOES INTELLIGENCE FEEL LIKE TO YOU, IN A SENSORY WAY? Smooth, soft, cold, hard, rough, metallic!? Eh, I'm done, no more thinking about it (until tomorrow when I get assigned another two words to turn into sensory objects! Argh!) Tonight C and I rode our bikes around parts of Newcastle I'd never seen - through Islington park bike track, along side Throsby Creek, the backs of the coal yards at Carrington and the pretty streets of Tighes Hill. Then I rewatched Gattaca with C and Manneh. I scrunched up a whole lot of paper to use when I was brainstorming for the aforementioned assignment and C keeps throwing it into the overhead fan and laughing as it ricochets off the walls.

Hope you had a lovely weekend :)