Giveaway: Free 1-Year Flickr Pro Account

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I bought a yearly Flickr Pro account a few months ago and it is probably the most useful tool I use online; I use it every day, I've got hundreds of photos stored there, there are lots of cool features, fun pools to contribute to, little communities to be a part of, and, unlike the regular account features, you can upload as many photos, and at as high resolution as you please. If you take a lot of photos, you like to share those photos and you have a blog, it's very useful. [End of selling the idea of Flickr to you!]

More to the point, I bought a Gift Flickr Pro account to send to someone whose account had just expired and who was in need of a new one, but someone beat me to it! And now it's just floating around without anyone to gift it to, so I thought a giveaway may be in order!

What do you have to do to enter this giveaway?; Send me a photo of something that makes you happy. You can take the photo yourself or it can be a photo you've found online. Interpret this as you will! Upload it somewhere* and leave a comment here with a link to the photo.

If you're a follower, or if you tweet or blog about this post you're entitled to an extra entry (comment) for each, but this is definitely not mandatory. Make sure there's some way to contact you in your comment(s).

I will draw the winner on Wednesday 12th of May, two weeks from today. Best of luck! :)

Extra details; The account is valued at $24.95 and is valid for one year (you have a year to enter the code and the account will last for one year from the date you enter it). If you win, all I have to do is email you the code, you enter it in and that's it! If you don't already have a regular Flickr account, you can create one for free (free accounts have an upload limit of 200 photos). And, if you already have a Flickr Pro account and you win, this gift will add an extra year to your Pro account (or you can give the code to someone else).

* If you're using an image found online, make sure to upload it somewhere yourself and don't just hot link to a web page - they might delete it.