All day I wait for the night

^ via mrypwrs (whose brilliantly curated Tumblr images I always seem to steal)

It was a long weekend over the past three days and with only one little uni assignment to complete (create a self portrait using only text/type/font) I dedicated the weekend to scribbling down some letters and it was a lot of fun. I made it to ten, which was my self imposed aim on Thursday afternoon (the tenth was just decorating a mix for C to send out). I apologise in advance for the sheer lengthiness of this post. This is what happens when I don't post regularly - mail overload!;

^ This was my desk when it was all done.

^ A ready to burst little package for Melody.

^ A teeny letter for Suzan who sent me the biggest postcard ever. I've been making address labels for the backs of envelopes from Google maps!

^ A long overdue letter to miss Mary P. The envelope is made from this thin rainbow-coloured plastic sheet that they sell in various colours at the uni supplies shop. I have to prevent myself from going in there on uni days or I'd spend a lot of money.

^ Another very late reply, to Aaron. Envelope made from a magazine page. His letters are wonderful.

^ A collaged envelope using children's book images, for Kristin.

^ Something red for miss Cari.

^ Something pink for darling Micaela. I'd so been looking forward to writing her back.

I participated in Kittycat's mix cd swap and had two partners to send two cds to - Danielle and Liana. Here's what I sent out to them;

For Liana;

For Danielle;

^ Hope they like!

I love mix cd swaps. If you're interested there are some lovely ladies holding a mix swap here.

I packed all of the letters into my mail bag and took them with me to uni today. Very full!;

Well, mail karma seems to be instant today - I sent out nine and I received nine;

Amongst the letters were some things I've purchased lately (MUST CURB SLEEP-ETSYING);

^ Some of these sweet 3-D ink pens that I saw Pugly Pixel use here, and had to track down.

^ When I first saw Vividot I bookmarked it and vowed never to visit her site again unless I wanted to come out of it having bought way too many things. I stumbled across it again last week and limited myself to two items (so hard) and Molly sent them out for me this week and even included a little teacup bookmark freebie, so cute!

^ One of my (surprisingly few) Australian penpals, Bree, told me she'd finished her postcard zine and I was very excited about receiving it. I'm going to crack it open and sip some tea in bed later on, looks so good.

^ Ria told me she was sending me something unconventional through the post and I was curious to see what it was. It made me laugh when I saw this little package on my desk today; a stamped and addressed jelly box. Can't wait to make the it! (Americans say jello, Australians say jelly)

^ A very sweet postcard from Aaron from his recent 'mini vay-cay'.

^ A very sweet letter from Shona, who has just started her own blog, checkit.

^ A lovely little letter from Sophie with some cute additions.

^ Last but not least, a great first letter from Diana, my first Romanian correspondent. She asked me in her letter if I spoke Romanian, because I have a Romanian quote on the postcards I made and I didn't even realise (I'd cut it out from somewhere). Luckily it doesn't say anything unpleasant - it reads; "All day I wait for the night" - which I do! Perhaps I should learn more Romanian.

As you might have seen, I made some tags for my incoming and outgoing mail sections using the delightful miss Pugly Pixel's free tags (I am addicted to her blog, plus she's got a cute tape giveaway going on). Hope you like!;

I made a visit to my favourite little Newcastle shoppe last week, Blackbird Corner, to buy the new issue of Frankie. I finally got to properly meet one of its lovely owners Nici (we're tight Twitter-friends) and she had a little package for me that she was about to send full of my favourite postcards and other goodies - so sweet! It was so great to properly meet her and it made me feel quite sad about moving away so soon and not getting to visit she and her pretty shop any longer. Thank goodness for the interwebz;

I'd always wanted one of those cute Dymo embossers and tonight the price was right (at Officeworks) and now all of my embossing dreams will come true!;

Tomorrow I have a day off so I don't have to feel guilty about it already being 1am and being about to go for a bike ride to the 24-hour Kmart because I feel like buying pretty underwear and sweets. Haha.

Hope you're having a great start to the week :)