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One of my new favourite bloggers, Meg of Paperjot, tagged me to answer a few of these questions (and I added some of my own);

Three names I go by:
-- Bianca
-- Bee
-- Ank

Three jobs I've had I'd like to try for a day:
-- Graphic designer
-- Professional athlete
-- Astronaut

Three places I've lived:
-- Wonthaggi, Victoria, AU
-- Stroud, New South Wales, AU
-- Islington, New South Wales, AU

Three favourite drinks:
-- Rooibos tea
-- Banana chai smoothies
-- Baileys on the rocks

Three TV shows I watch:
-- Madmen
-- Big Love
-- Breaking Bad

Three places I've been:
-- Victoria
-- Queensland
-- Tasmania

(Well travelled I know!)

Three places I'd like to visit: (I'd go anywhere!)
-- USA & Canada
-- South America
-- Japan

Three favourite old TV shows:
-- Daria
-- Aaahh!!! Real Monsters
-- Hey Arnold

Three favourite dishes:
-- Anything C cooks
-- Vegetarian Supreme pizza w/ stuffed figs from Crust
-- Vegetarian laksa from Al-Oi Thai

Three make-up products I cannot live without:
-- Chapstick
-- Thick mascara
-- Red lipstick

Three things I'm looking forward to:
-- Finishing this semester of uni
-- Moving to Tasmania
-- International travel (far off in the future)

Three superpowers I wish I had:
-- Selective mind reading abilities
-- Time travel
-- Telekinesis

Three places I love to shop:
-- Blackbird Corner
-- Etsy
-- Ebay

Three pets I've had and their names:
-- Layla - cattle dog.
-- Pat - different coloured-eyed blue heeler.
-- Mesca and Rigby, cute but not very cuddly cats.

Three bands I'd want to see on a festival line-up:
-- Why?
-- Feist
-- Death Cab For Cutie

Three favourite comfort foods:
-- Smoked salmon
-- Hot chocolate
-- Toasted cheese sandwiches

Three songs currently on rotation:
-- French Navy - Camera Obscura
-- The Barber's Son - Jack Ladder
-- Personal - Stars

Three people I'm tagging:
-- Megan of Time After Tea
-- Elissa of Cerebral Excrement
-- Meghan of The Perfect Compilation Tape

(and anyone else who'd like to participate)

After I've finished this assignment and I hand it in tomorrow I get an almost uni free weekend! Then it all starts again next week, boo.